hdlmake.util package


hdlmake.util.path module

This module provides a set of functions that are commonly used in HDLMake

hdlmake.util.path.commonpath(path1, path2, common=None)

Return the common path for the provided paths

hdlmake.util.path.compose(path, base=None)

Get the relative path composition of the provided path


Convert the argument in a list, being an empty list if none


Check if the given path is absolute


Check if the given path is relative

hdlmake.util.path.pathsplit(path, rest=None)

Split the provided path and return as a tuple

hdlmake.util.path.rel2abs(path, base=None)

converts a relative path to an absolute path.

@param path the path to convert - if already absolute, is returned without conversion. @param base - optional. Defaults to the current directory. The base is intelligently concatenated to the given relative path. @return the relative path of path from base

hdlmake.util.path.relpath(path1, path2=None)

Return the relative path of one path with respect to the other


Get basename from an SVN url


Check if link to a SVN repo seems to be correct. Filter revision number


Get basename from an url


Check if link to a Git repo seems to be correct. Filter revision number and branch

hdlmake.util.termcolor module

ANSII Color formatting for output in terminal.

hdlmake.util.termcolor.colored(text, color=None, on_color=None, attrs=None)

Colorize text.

Available text colors:
red, green, yellow, blue, magenta, cyan, white.
Available text highlights:
on_red, on_green, on_yellow, on_blue, on_magenta, on_cyan, on_white.
Available attributes:
bold, dark, underline, blink, reverse, concealed.
colored(‘Hello, World!’, ‘red’, ‘on_grey’, [‘blue’, ‘blink’]) colored(‘Hello, World!’, ‘green’)
hdlmake.util.termcolor.cprint(text, color=None, on_color=None, attrs=None, **kwargs)

Print colorize text.

It accepts arguments of print function.

Module contents

This package provides common utils… but not used ad package yet!