hdlmake.action package


hdlmake.action.action module

This module provides the common stuff for the different supported actions

class hdlmake.action.action.Action(options)

Bases: list

This is the base class providing the common Action methods


Build file set with all the files listed in the complete pool


Initialize the parseable and privative fileset contents


Get the Top module from the pool

new_module(parent, url, source, fetchto)

Add new module to the pool.

This is the only way to add new modules to the pool Thanks to it the pool can easily control its content

NOTE: the first module added to the pool will become the top_module!.


Build file set with only those files required by the top entity


Set the log level and config (A.K.A. log verbosity)

hdlmake.action.core module

This module provides the core actions to the pool

class hdlmake.action.core.ActionCore(*args)

Bases: hdlmake.action.action.Action

Class that contains the methods for core actions


Delete the local copy of the fetched modules


Fetch the missing required modules from their remote origin


List the files added to the design across the pool hierarchy


List the modules that are contained by the pool


Write the Makefile for the current design

hdlmake.action.tree module

Module providing graph funtionalities to HDLMake

class hdlmake.action.tree.ActionTree(*args)

Bases: hdlmake.action.action.Action

Class providing methods to create a graph from pool and to analyze it


Generate the graph from pool and create the requested outcomes

hdlmake.action.qsys_hw_tcl_update module

Module contents

The Action package provides the full set of provided user functionalities